3 Benefits of Forest Therapy

Forest therapy is one of the easiest lifestyle change you can make in your life. Now, you might be thinking about what forest therapy actually is? Forest Therapy is said to support healing and wellness. This theory works with the idea of immersion in forests and other natural environments. The inspiration for Forest Therapy comes from the Japanese practice of Shinrin-Yoku, which translates to “forest bathing.”

Forest therapy is nothing but walking in a forested area with no destination in mind or no intention to do anything. You can say that it is just mindless wandering.

It is said to offer a wide range of benefits ranging from reduced blood pressure to boosting your creativity. Although it has a lot more like helping children with ADHD focus better and helping recovering patients recover faster, we are going to be discussing a few basic ones that most of us can relate to and benefit from. Let?s talk about some of the benefits.


1. Boost Your Creativity

Creativity and nature go hand in hand. People who feel a creative rut will often tell you how being out and about in nature helps them get their rhythm back. Nature is the biggest inspiration when it comes to art and creativity.

If you think about it, taking a walk is often said to relieve our mind of the thought-jumble that has been stressing you out. So, forest therapy is the therapy that you won?t mind attending and it is free. Plus, walks reduce your stress levels. A stress-free mind will help you regain your creative self.

2. Decrease Your Blood Pressure

People with a blood pressure problem are often told to go on walks. Forest therapy says that just looking at trees for a few moments has a positive effect on a person?s health, this helps them calm down and lower blood pressure.

This might be supported by the fact that two stress-related hormones – adrenaline, and cortisol, are observed to reduce from it.

3. Boost Your Immune System

Nature has a remedy for everything. You can find solutions to a lot of things in nature. Plants emit a chemical called phytoncides. This chemical has antifungal and antibacterial properties which work as protection from insects.

When you keep spending time in a forested area, walking through plants that emit phytoncides, you are bound to inhale them. Your body will then start producing white blood cells called the Natural killer (NK) cells that have the ability to kill viruses and cancer infected cells in your body.

Final Thoughts

While walking in itself has a lot of benefits, taking your walks in nature can have the greatest. Many studies have shown that trips to forested areas and spending time in nature help minimize a person?s state of confusion, depression, and anxiety. It is a healing method for mind, body, and soul. If you live near a forested area, take benefit of it. If you live in a city, the best you can do is visit parks. Just remember to spend some time in nature.

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    3 Benefits of Forest Therapy

    Forest therapy is one of the easiest lifestyle change you can make in your life. Now, you might be thinking about ...
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