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7 Benefits of Green Tea That Every Health Freak Will Recommend

We all have phases in our life where we are addicted to one or the other drink. Most of the people start with coffee, alcohol, juices, smoothies and end up on green tea. What is so special about this seemingly simple drink which makes every person try it? I would personally say that if there was a magical potion, green tea would be it. Green tea is an energising and beautifying agent which is quite cheap and easy to make. ?But is that all? Let us see some benefits of green tea, so that the next time you drop the bottle of soda, and pick up a cup of green tea you?ll feel proud of yourself.

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    Improved brain function

Researches have shown that green tea has the power of boosting your cognitive functioning resulting in increased working memory and task performance. You will see an increase in your concentration level, alertness and memory. Green tea is thus not only helpful to get a healthy body, but also gives you a sound mind. It is also highly effective to reduce your stress level and to enhance your mood and to protect you against depression.

  1. Helps to lose those extra inches

The antioxidant rich green tea boosts your metabolism and in turn helps you to burn more fat by elevating your levels of norepinephrine. It also helps to improve your exercise performance and helps the body to break down more fat cells. It has been found out that exercising after drinking green tea results in more fat burning during exercising.

  1. Decrease the risk of cancer

People who drink green tea regularly have a lower risk of developing digestive cancer, which includescolorectal and esophageal cancer. It can reduce cancer cells from spreading by preventing oxidative damage.

  1. Boosts Immune system

Polyphenols present in green tea helps to boost your immune system. It also protects your body against infections, bacteria and free radical damage. So, a cup of green tea everyday will help to keep the doctor away.

  1. Get healthy teeth and gums with green tea

Green tea is overall helpful for your body. Along with giving you a healthy body and a sound mind, it will improve your oral health. It basically controls the acidity level of your saliva which in turn helps to reduce cavities. It promotes healthy gums by stopping inflammation. On top of all this, green tea will help you to get a fresher breath by killing all the bad breath germs.

  1. Increases the skin?s resistance to UV rays

The polyphenols present in green tea also help to protect your delicate skin against the harmful effects on the sun. It will surely help to prevent inflammation and sun damage. Remember to pack some green tea on your next trip to the beach to get natural protection. Drinking green tea on a regular basis will also help to slow the ageing process. This is again due to the antioxidants present in the tea and due to their free-radical scavenging properties.

  1. Lowered cholesterol level

The antioxidants in green tea inhibit the absorption of bad cholesterol from the large intestine and leave the good cholesterol in your body. It reduces the bad cholesterol in the blood and thus improves the ratio of good cholesterol to bad cholesterol.

Due to its anti-inflammatory, anti-viral and anti-bacterial properties, green tea is highly recommended twice a day. So, start with one cup a day and tell us about your experiences.

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