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7-Minutes Complete Body Workouts You Can Do Straight Out Of Bed

To be healthy, it is very important to take proper rest, eat healthy food and most importantly exercise daily. But even that is true that not every person gets enough time to exercise; in today?s time everyone is working hard to earn money, everyone is trying to prove themselves in one or the other field and so people always end up getting less time. It is not that the time others get is more or given to you is less it; purely depends on what type of job you have and even on other factors like job hours (in case of office workers) or lecture hours (in case of teens), travelling, house work etc. ?In all these things, some people don?t get time to take care of themselves; they don?t get time for exercising. For all those people this 7-Minute workout will be really beneficial. This workout will not only boost your energy but also make you fit.

So let?s get started with this not so time consuming and very effective full body workout.

7-Minutes Complete Body Workouts

The main benefit of this workout is that you can do this straight after getting out of your bed. As the name suggests it is a complete body workout which means it will have a good effect on your entire body.

This workout consists of 12 exercises. Here, the exercises are divided into different sections; this will tell you that which part of your body will be for a particular exercise.

Exercise Body use Description
Jumping jacks Total body Here you have to jump while spreading your legs and raising your hands overhead (preferable to clap overhead) and then returning to normal standing position.
Step-up onto chair It is same to the way we climb the stairs.
Running in place It is self-explanatory.
Wall sit Lower body Touch the wall with your back and start lowering your hips and slowing bending your knees till you down form a right angle with your knees.
Lunge It is a normal position where your one leg is positioned forward with knee bent and foot firmly position on ground while other one positioned behind.
Squat It is like sit ups.
Push-up Upper body Place your hands firmly on the ground and keep your legs straight make sure no part of your body touches the ground except your palms and toes. Now slowly bend your body towards the ground and make sure it doesn?t touches you don?t the ground. Then move back to previous position.
Triceps dip on chair It is like the normal dip but here you have to use a chair for support.
Push-up and rotation Maintain the push-up like position and then raise either of the hand up pointing towards the roof.
Abdominal crunch Core Lay on your back keeping your legs bents now try to take your head towards your knees.
Plank Here, you have to maintain a position which is similar to the Push-up as long as possible.
Side plank This is similar to plank. Here, you just have to take support of one hand and have to face sideways.


Note: Make sure you do this complete body workout in total body, lower body, upper body and core manner and repeat this cycle. That means first do a one exercise which will need you to use your full body then to one exercise where you have to use your lower body and then upper body and then core and then complete the whole workout by following this pattern.

Benefits of 7-Minutes Complete Body Workouts

  • It controls your body weight

As this is a complete body workout there is no chance of fats getting accumulated. This workout will help you burn a lot of calories without giving much time.

  • You are prevented from getting ill

As you exercise regularly your immune system will boost. Blood circulation also improves due to this.

  • Boosts your mood

It will help you release the brain chemicals which will make you feel happy and relaxed.

  • You feel energized

As you will do this workout it will help your body to provide oxygen to every part of your body which is not when you don?t exercise.

  • It is less time consuming

For this exercise you need not have to spend 1-2 hours in the gym weighing heavy weights; it only takes 7 minutes to complete this whole workout. Giving 7 minutes every day for your own will not be a big deal to anyone.

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