Frizz free hair

How to get Frizz-Free Hair at Home

Don?t let a bad hair day ruin your day..!!

Who among us do not wish to have a strong healthy and lustrous looking hair? The effort it takes not only to stimulate hair growth but the love and care on the other hand that needs to be taken to nurture them is not everyone?s cup of tea. Some are blessed enough to not face such day to day hair problems but for the people living in frizz dilemma, keep reading..!!

What?s the root of hair problems?

To eradicate the problem from the root first we need to understand what causes your hair to frizz. Frizzing of hair is a condition that is an outcome of dehydration of the outermost cuticle of the hair resulting into dry and fragile hair texture in the process of gasping for moisture from the air. Since it is a condition there is definitely a remedy that can help you to fight off that cause.

Just with a couple of steps going wrong in your hair care regime can cost you a fortune. Very few among us know that it all starts with you hopping into the shower when your hair is in an extreme sensitive condition, i.e. WET..!!? It is always advisable to use lukewarm water for the initial washing of the hair to open up the hair folic in the scalp. Since it helps to absorb the shampoo and thus enables proper hair conditioning leaving the scalp clean. Once out of your shower instead of reaching out for your towel, grab some old t-shirt cloth to squeeze the excess water out instead of using the traditional towel fabric which tends to dry out hair.Using of wide tooth comb to detangle hair knots serves the best to avoid breakage. It is preferred to air dry your hair and give the blow-driers a rest until being the need of the hour.

Make the frizz go away!

Conditioning is the most crucial part in the hair care routine to keep the frizz at bay. With a whole new set of branded products making rounds in the market, each claiming to be better than the other, not everyone can afford to maintain a shelf of hair care products to serve the purpose. To come across such a situation, a homemade hair conditioning formula relieves the masses and keep them hoping against hope. A combination of natural ingredients that suits the best according to the hair type can be used to receive the desired result. Use of olive oil and egg helps in revival of the damaged hair. Since olive oil penetrates the hair shaft with fatty acids leaving hair full and healthy & tossing in egg with full packed proteins gives an enviable shine. A mixture of banana with honey and avocado is considered to work wonders on hair and is considered a well-known humectant.

Try some essential oils?

People find it time consuming to undergo through the process of hair mask treatment and so the essential oils are here to your rescue. All you have to do is dab dime size amount of the oil and apply it onto your damp hair strands, this leaves your hair slicker and smooth. Argan oil, almond oil, coconut oil are considered to be the most effective essential oils that help with the condition of hair frizzing. This remedy also acts as a blessing for those struggling to get rid of the smell caused due to egg and the other ingredients.

From my experience a mixture of coconut milk and a few drops of freshly squeezed lemon juice provides moisture to the hair and helps to get a straighten hair. Use of aloe Vera gel in combination with a carrier oil helps to form a protective layer in and around the cuticle which helps in retaining the moisture. It is recommended to use a home-made conditioner once in a week or once in two weeks.

Treating frizzy hair at home can get a little fussy at times but within stipulated period of usage with patience it can lead to drastic improvement in the hair texture and promoting hair growth. Above all it doesn?t cost a penny more than just using the correct elements that can be easily found around in our kitchen.

  • Frizz free hair
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    How to get Frizz-Free Hair at Home

    Don?t let a bad hair day ruin your day..!! Who among us do not wish to have a strong healthy and ...
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