Know When and Why you Need to Throw Away your Cosmetics

Cosmetics are the ultimate love for most of the women and you can?t deny it. It adds that extra edge to your whole look and oomph up your whole confidence to a whole new level. They help in beatifying once appearance and help you look more presentable and attractive. Be it your sleepy face or a puffy, by applying the right kind of cosmetic you can look presentable in no time and rock that party or your office looks. But what is more beneficial about these cosmetics is that they don?t just make you look more beautiful, but also help in protecting your skin.  There are several reasons why your skin can get damaged and cosmetics have got them covered it all.  They help you in preventing wrinkles, dirt from the outside, fight against pimples and acne and also help protect it from the ultraviolet rays. Thus making your skin look younger and glowing.

Now since cosmetics come with so many benefits, one must be aware of the fact that they don?t last forever.  They all come with expiration dates and must be thrown away as per the instruction that come written on your cosmetics.  Even though some cosmetics may last longer than the other, but one or the other day, you have to get rid of them.


How long can the cosmetics are kept?

This is a very important question to be asked. Now the answer of this question lies more on the brand of the product that is being used which comes with their own set of instructions. But there are a few products like the primer, eye shadow, foundation, blush etc used be used for maximum two years from the day they are in use. Then the lipsticks can be used for one year and not more than that.

Although this question is more answerable depending on the brand of the cosmetics that is being used. Most beauty products come with labels on which their expiration dates are mentioned that is for how long they will last. And for those products which are related to the eye makeup like the liquid eyeliner or mascara should be replaced after every three month.

Why should you throw away your cosmetics after a certain period of time?

The fact that all of these cosmetics are applied on the face, extra care should be takes because the skin of your face is the most sensitive. And also if anything goes wrong with your face, it automatically becomes a highlight, because usually face is the first things that people notice. Now all cosmetics come with an expiry date. When its use is extended further, it may cause irritation, rashes, acne, pimples redness and many other problems. In general it is harmful to the skin and so it should not be overused.

When to know that it is finally time to throw away your cosmetics?

Now below are some of the signs mentioned observing which you can know that it is time to throw always your cosmetics. Do notice them-

  1. There has been a wired smell that you have observed coming out form your cosmetics
  2. The color has started changing form what it originally used to be.
  3. The texture of the cosmetic has started to fade as well. It gives different look every time you apply it on your face.


Thus our should be very careful while suing cosmetics and don?t hesitate to throw away your cosmetics if you observe any of these signs.

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    Know When and Why you Need to Throw Away your Cosmetics

    Cosmetics are the ultimate love for most of the women and you can?t deny it. It adds that extra edge to ...
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