How to Prevent Shoe Bites?

Everybody looks forward to wearing that new pair of footwear sitting inside the closet just waiting for occasion. It could be the new pair of heels you splurged on or the comfy looking flip flops for your summer adventures. But what follows the joyous union of your feet and the footwear? Shoe bites of course. They tend to irritate the skin and even leave behind a nasty scar for remembrance for the annoying time it has given you. Shoe bites lead to inflammation and even blisters. Here we are offering you a few tips and tricks on dealing with shoe bites.

Tips and Tricks to prevent Show Bites

You could avoid the shoe altogether but we all know that isn’t going to happen so why don’t you just follow these easy remedies for shoe bites.

  • Freeze them: you read that right! You have shoe bites because the material is stiff and tight so it cuts into your skin, so freezing a water bag while kept within your shoe will loosen the shoe up allowing you to show of that new pair you splurged on and will prevent shoe bites.
  • Heat the shoe: this is basically another method to loosen the footwear up. It allows you to make sure that it isn’t too tight and effectively lets you wear the shoe without a hassle. Place a sock within the footwear, which will basically be an indicator for you. The use a hair dryer to heat the footwear until the sock is hot. Then let the footwear cool and slip it on.
  • Cello-tape: another weird hack indeed, if it is footwear which you do not need for a professional setting, or just home slippers in general, just put cello-tape on the edges which cut into your skin and you’re all set. We know the internet is full of weird remedies for shoe bites and this one definitely qualifies.
  • Vaseline: we bet you already knew that, but rubbing Vaseline will reduce the friction and invariably prevents shoe bites.
  • Band-aid: everyone knows about it, everyone has it. All you have to do is tear it open and place it on the inflamed area, simple as that! Your wound will heal and you will prevent shoe bites because the footwear material cannot irritate your skin, as simple as that.

So maybe your footwear has already made its mark on you, forcing you to figure out a way of dealing with shoe bites, so here we are offering you some ointment for your bruised feet and solace to your mind.

  • Potato juice: Yes, this qualifies in the list of weird remedies for shoe bites as well but as versatile as potatoes can be, rubbing some of its juice on the inflamed area can cure your bruise by reducing the inflammation and even prevent shoe bites. Who knew a potato could do something like this right?
  • Aloe Vera: we all know how helpful aloe vera is, so take some of its gel, apply a generous amount of it to the inflamed area, leave it for three minutes and then rinse with lukewarm water. This will help the skin to heal quickly and even prevent infection as the aloe vera gel has natural antimicrobial properties.
  • Honey: honey is naturally an amazing product, just applying it thrice a day on the infected part will accelerate the healing and reduce the inflammation. It can also be mixed with sesame oil to bring forth an even better soothing action for the skin.
  • Ice: yes, frozen water. If you do not have it then just make some! You just need to place some ice in a cloth and over the love bite your footwear has given you, it will effectively soothe the inflamed skin and stop the skin from itching constantly. This can be followed by the other remedies for shoe bites mentioned in the article.
  • Rice flour: this item commonly found in your kitchen will help you get rid of the shoe bite forever. It does not prevent shoe bites but mixing some of it with water, applied to the scar will certainly get rid of the scar. Just make sure that you make a thick paste of it by adding the perfect amount of water and then rinse it off with lukewarm water. A perfect last step for your shoe bite problems. One of the good remedies for shoe bites, isn’t it?

We hope this article helped you through your woes. Because everyone deserves to walk their way to success without being bruised by their trusty footwear.

So, walk on!

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    How to Prevent Shoe Bites?

    Everybody looks forward to wearing that new pair of footwear sitting inside the closet just waiting for occasion. It could be ...
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