Why Including Health Nutrition in School Curriculums Has Become a Necessity

Today?s time is full of people dreaming to have their own startups and be entrepreneurs. If not that, then they spend hours on a desk working for a better future. In the race of working toward what we consider a better future, we often forget that our body is what we will be living in in the future.

Money and career success isn?t the only thing that makes the future. Along with a high standard of living, a better YOU should be a priority as well. Someone who has a promising professional life and a great social circle usually will miss out on sleep. Never in the history of the human race have we used so little energy on a daily basis. 

Most of the population spends their entire time sitting down – in front of their laptop screen or office desks doing paperwork, and then when they get downtime, it is still spent in front of screens – watching movies and shows. Netflix and chill have become a universal norm. With the world moving so fast, a person hardly gets time to relax his body. 

This leads to many health problems. Obesity and diabetes rates have risen dramatically over the last decade because of this technological driven sedentary lifestyle and the lack of proper guidance while in school.

Why school you ask? We are taught most things in school – what?s important and what we should focus on. While the importance of having a good career is drilled into our minds, the importance of good health is seldom forgotten.?

People don?t even know what they are eating or what they should even be eating. Most of us are too reluctant to get our regular health checkups, and everybody is either too busy or too lazy to work out and stay fit. 

It is vital for everyone to have knowledge about their bodies, important hygienic exercises, and essential first-aid practices – this should be one of the basic training we get. If we teach our students about health and nutrition, maybe we?d all be a lot healthier, and our medical system would be less overwhelmed – we will dodge a lot of health problems we face today because of a lack of awareness.

It is necessary for students to realize their passions and to know the effective strategies of job hunting and interviewing, but it is also essential for them to realize the importance of nutrition and exercise. Success, happiness, and a feeling of contentment are hard to come by because we lack the proper tools as we enter adulthood. A host of potential issues arise because of this, such as poor social relationships, anger, frustration, and even depression.

Education cannot end when you receive your diplomas and shut your books. Education and learning are never-ending processes. Take control of your mistakes and keep improving yourself. If you weren?t taught something, take it upon yourself to learn it. At the end of the day, you are responsible for your own life, and that includes paying attention to and taking care of your body.

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